Welcome to Peer Pressure Inc.

Peer Pressure began in the early 1990s as a small, independent production company with the initial focus the production and promotion of Reggae Music and Hip Hop.
By 1999
Peer Pressure had brought its innovative approach to such contemporary musical genres as Hip Hop, Rap and Pop and reinforced its commitment to Reggae and Hip Hop Music.
Peer Pressure has produced established stars such as Luciano, Bush Man, George Nooks, Luke D and the creative talents of Michael Picanco and Ginny Pepper have been nurtured and flourished under the Peer Pressure influence.
Peer Pressure remains committed to creating and promoting only Positive Vibrations and this philosophy is reflected in its work and orientation to the Artists with whom Peer Pressure has had the privilege to create new Music.

Based both in Kingston, Jamaica and Toronto, Canada, Peer Pressure's label is known throughout Britain, Europe and the West Indies and is steadily gaining recognition in North America.

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