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1.   Forget cha
2.   Let's stay together
3.   Why
4.   Forget cha - Remix
5.   Let's stay together - Remix
6.   Why - Remix



GINNY PEPPER - NEW WORLD ORDER  (click on song title to play)

1.    Angel in my life
2.    New world order
3.    Ethiopian story
4.    Jah give us power
5.    Good mood
6.    Mister rich man
7.    Seize the war
8.    Rock and shelter
9.    Selassie I
10.  Bombo clarke
11.  Weedy weedy
12.  Ethiopian story - Version








Singles are available in Jamaica.
Reggae Vibes CD will be released on June 5th, 2002.
© 2002 Peer Pressure Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2002 Peer Pressure Inc. All rights reserved.
Re-mix by John Beason. Produced by John Beason. Composed by Jah B. Re-mixed at Wellesley Studio.
Produced by John Beason. Composed by Rodcliffe Dawkins. Mixed by Tyson at Sound Proof. Recorded at Wellesley Studio.
Forget cha and Why written by Rupert Gayle. Lead vocal by Michael Picanco. Vocal arrangment by Carlos Morgan. Back up vocals by Carlos Morgan, Osher, Sarah. Al Green - Let's stay together. Adopted by Michael Picanco.
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© 2002 Peer Pressure Inc. All rights reserved.
All songs produced by R. Beason for Peer Pressure Inc.
All songs written by Collister Nugent. Mastered at Lacquer Channel by George Graves.
Saxophone player: Dean Frazer. Backup vocals: Ernest Wilson, Daphane Coke, Renee, Angel, Marcia Daley, EQ.
Weedy weedy, Good mood - Mixed by Fatman at Hanga Recording Studio in Jamaica. Assistant engineer: Chemist.
Angel in my life, New world order, Jah give us power, Mister rich man, Seize the war, Rock and shelter, Selassie I, Bombo clarke - Mixed by Jah-son at Star Trail Recording Studio in Jamaica.
Ethiopian Story - Mixed by Tyson at Q West Studio.
Good mood - Rhythm recorded at Grove Studio in Irie FM Radio Station. Rhythm arranged by Firehouse Crew at Grove Studio.
Seize the war, Bombo clarke - Rhythm arranged by Christopher Meredith.
Natural Mystic Rhythm: Island Records Inc. / Tuff Gong.
Betta Dub Rhythm: C. Dodd.
Ethiopian Story: Dennis Brown.


REGGAE VIBES  (click on song title to play)

Find her
Riding for a fall
Lock them off
Couldn't be the one
Too much wagenes

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